Dear Sirs! We ask you to fill-in and forward to our address this form, where to indicate the parameters needed for design of Skin-effect based heating system for PIPELINE.

The Customer Company
Name Fax Tel
Object to be heated Name        
Design documentation available        
Design work required        
Responsible representative Tel    
Heating system purpose
Freeze protection
Anti-condensation heating
Temperature maintenance
Initial heating
Temperature conditions ºC Temperature required  
ºC Minimum ambient temperature  
ºC Maximum ambient temperature  
ºC Normal processing temperature  
ºC Maximum processing temperature  
ºC Maximum permissible product temperature  
ºC Minimum cut-in temperature


Streaming Yes No Maximum temperature of steam ºC  
Pipeline location

Outdoor Buried

Submerged Other

depth of laying:

Thermal insulation Mineral wool (mats) Mineral wool (tubes) Other

Polyurethane foam Thermal conductivity factor at +10°C W/m ºC
Installation of thermal insulation Pre-insulated pipes At site
Power supply prameters

Diesel – generator Supply voltage V

Power transmission line Frequency Hz

Other Nimber of phases

feed points location from one end from both ends other

distance from feed point to the pipeline m
Area classification not explosive explosive  
Pipe material Carbon steel Plastic Ctainless steel Other
Pipelines parameters
Designation of line
Pipe diameter, mm
Heat-insulation thickness
Pipe length, m
Valve gates, pcs.
Flanges, pcs
Supports, pcs

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